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Open Thread: Leveson Report

Author: Emily Randall

Published on Nov 29, 2012

Open Thread: Leveson Report

Now that the dust has started to settle following the release of the Leveson Report, what are your views?  Has he passed the “Goldilocks” test, has he called for an intolerable intrusion of press freedom or has he not gone far enough?

At Unlock Democracy, we’re trying to keep an open mind and are keen to hear your views.  Add your comments below - and fill in our short survey.

One thing we definitely agree with Leveson on is the need to open up the extent to which media corporations lobby politicians:

“I also recommend periodic disclosure, by way of general estimate only, of some basic information about the frequency or density of other communications (such as correspondence, phone, text and email).” Paragraph 136 of the Executive Summary (pdf)

We agree entirely, although we would broaden it out to apply to all forms of lobbying.  If you agree, please sign our letter to lobbying minister Chloe Smith here.




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