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Guide pages: Meetings

Organising effective meetings can be a daunting task for any campaigner. This section contains resources to help you including advice on setting up your first meeting, facilitating a meeting, a model first meeting agenda and how to hold a public meeting.

Setting up your first meeting

Thinking of setting up your first meeting and don't know where to start? This page contains three easy steps to organise and promote your first meeting so you can get campaigning!

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Model First Meeting Agenda

With any new or existing group you need to mark your goals for what you want to achieve for your group! They don't have to be set in concrete! This involves setting an agenda for your first meeting outling your prosposals

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Facilitating a meeting

Make your sure all the voices at the meeting are heard to ensure consensus in your group! To facilate a meeting its essential to prepare, include, keep focused and listen to everyone's ideas to ensure a strong communicative group.

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How to hold a public meeting

Organisation can make or break a public meeting. Venue, timings, speakers, agendas are all crucial considerations to make your meeting a success. Find out more on this page.

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