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In this section you can find a variety of model letters to guide you when writing your own publicity emails for meetings, social events and more.

Model First Meeting Agenda

With any new or existing group you need to mark your goals for what you want to achieve for your group! They don't have to be set in concrete! This involves setting an agenda for your first meeting outling your prosposals

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Model Press Release

STOP PRESS! Write your own press release to get your story out there. Journalists, papers, bloggers are always looking for stories and the chances are if you've done something you think is interesting for your campaign, others will find it interesting too. This page will tell you what to include in your press release as well as...

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Model Meeting Publicity Email

Advertise your meetings with a publicity email. Write your own publicity emails to let other campaigners in your local group know about meeting schedules. Take a look at our template letter to find out what to include.

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Model Public Meeting Publicity Email

Public meetings can be a great way of getting your campaign ideas out there and creating debate. If you are holding a local public meeting, our model letter can guide you on what to include in your own email.

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