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NEWS RELEASE: Stop MPs’ private landlords from profiting at taxpayers’ expense

Commenting on the publication of the list of MPs’ landlords by Ipsa, the Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:

“We will look closely at the list of MPs’ landlords published by Ipsa and seek assurances that the 51 names which have been redacted have been done due to genuine security concerns.
“Fundamentally we believe the current system whereby Ipsa pays MPs’ rent is deeply flawed, both because it is open to abuse and because it does not represent good value for the taxpayer.  Introduced in haste at the height of the expenses scandal in 2009, it is high time it was independently reviewed.

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether MPs are renting from other MPs, former MPs, party donors or lettings agencies.  They are all private landlords pocketing taxpayers’ money, and the public are still the losers. Instead of paying out commercial rents at huge expense, parliament should acquire secure and furnished properties around central London for MPs to stay in during the week. This system has been shown to work in accommodation for service people, and what’s good enough for the armed forces should be good enough for MPs.”