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Peter Cruddas libel trial shows that law is an ass

Commenting on the decision in the high court today to award former Conservative party treasurer Peter Cruddas damages from Mark Adams, the Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:

“While we accept that Peter Cruddas broke no law, the real issue is that the law in this area is an ass.

“We should not be overly concerned about the actions of any single individual. The real issue here is not whether Peter Cruddas and other party fundraisers flouted the law, but the extent to which political parties depend on a handful of ‘premier league’ donors for their campaign war chests and the access to policy makers that many donors appear to get in exchange. Political parties ought to be focused on the interests of the public not on special interests and rich investors.

“The fact that no laws have been broken in this instance suggests that we urgently need to reform our laws regarding party funding and lobbying transparency.  Today’s ruling should not give any politician cause for complacency about the need to clean up their acts.”