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Unlock Democracy welcomes vote to defer boundary changes

Welcoming the House of Commons decision to defer boundary changes to 2018, the Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:

“Leaving aside the party games, the fact remains that deferring boundary changes until the new registration system has had a chance to bed down is a good, practical and democratic decision.

“The genie of boundary reform however is now out of the bottle. The new system for boundary changes is still on the statute books and will restart in 2018 unless replaced with something else. We can’t simply go back to the old system, which was deeply flawed.

“The principle of equalising constituency boundaries is a good one and must not be abandoned. We hope that politicians from all parties will now be able to get together and agree on a system which takes into account the actual population size and not just the number of registered electors in a given area. The coalition’s failure to do so in their legislation ensured that it would always be considered a vindictive and partisan measure, which disproportionately penalised urban areas with more mobile populations.”