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Unlock Democracy elects its council and members of the board of Rodell Properties Ltd every two years.  The last elections were in April 2014.

Rodell Properties Ltd is a property management company wholly owned by Unlock Democracy (and generates income for us).  Two members of its board are directly elected every two years on four year terms, with another three board members appointed by the management board.

The 2014-2016 council has not yet had its first meeting; this page will be updated with the new Council, Rodell and Management Board details after that meeting. The results of those elections may be found here:

2014-2016 Council and Rodell board elections

Council 2012-14

The council is in charge of the overall strategic direction of the organisation.  It appoints the management board which deals with issues regarding staffing and resources.

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East Constituency (covering the English regions of East, the East Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber)

  • Stuart Weir (Vice Chair with responsibility for policy)
  • Avtar Singh
  • Vicky Seddon (Chair) - Vicky is a member and local group co-ordinator for Sheffield for Democracy 
  • Vicky Seddon

London and the South East Constituency (covering the English regions of Greater London and the Sourth East)

  • Stephen Carter
  • James Grindrod
  • Andrew Blick
  • Finola Kelly
  • Jack Maizels

North Constituency (covering Northern Ireland, Scotland and the English regions of the North East and North West)

West Constituency (covering Wales and the English regions of the South West and West Midlands)

  • Phil Davis
  • Alan Debenham
  • Mary Southcott - Mary is a member of Bristol for Democracy
  • Phil Starr (Vice Chair with responsibility for Rodell)

Management board:

  • Vicky Seddon (Chair)
  • Phil Starr (Vice Chair with responsibility for Rodell)
  • Stuart Weir (Vice Chair with responsibility for policy)
  • Stephen Carter
  • Phil Davis
  • James Grindrod
  • Peter Hirst
  • Andrew Blick

Rodell Properties Ltd board of directors:

Directly elected

  • Chris Carrigan
  • Rosemary Bechler
  • Alan Debenham
  • Danny Zinkus Sutton

Appointed by management board:

  • Vicky Seddon
  • Phil Starr
  • Stephen Carter