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Lords Reform Bill - click here to write to your MP todayThe Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have all been committed to direct elections to the House of Lords since 2001.  Despite this broad agreement, successive governments have failed to take action.

Elect the Lords was set up in 2004 by Unlock Democracy’s predecessor organisations Charter 88 and the New Politics Nework to campaign for a predominantly or wholly elected second chamber to replace the existing House of Lords at the earliest opportunity.  It was bolstered by the “cash for peerages” scandal which erupted in 2006.

Since then, we’ve had a number of successes.  Unlock Democracy played a crucial role in securing the House of Commons votes in 2007 in which a clear majority of MPs voted in support of the government further exploring the options of an 80% elected or wholly elected second chamber.  We have continued to press the last Labour government and now the coalition to legislate for this reform.

In 2010. all three major parties committed themselves to a substantially or wholly elected second chamber.  The government also committed to this reform in its coalition agreement.  It has now published a bill - our job is to make sure it becomes law in time to hold the first elections in 2015.

Take Action

At this stage, we need you to write to your MP to ask where they stand on Lords reform - and to send us the results.  This is crucial because the votes in the House of Commons over the next few weeks are crucial if the government is to deliver reform in time.

Write to your MP here.

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