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Local Groups

Unlock Democracy campaigns with democratic reform groups up and down the country. We want to help you, to campaigning on the issues that matter to you. By joining with local activists and groups your voice is louder, stronger and will have a greater impact.

Even if you are starting from scratch, we can put you in contact with local supporters, help you find or even organise your first meeting.


UK Democracy Groups Map 

Simply look on the map to find out what is happening near you.

Nothing happening near you? Then click here to get in touch with Emily Randall.

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How we help activists and democracy groups campaign locally

Whether you and your friends are already campaigning locally or if you are just starting it out, we can help you.

  • Online guides for local activists from setting up your first meeting to organising successful public meetings;
  • Event publicity to help promote your meetings and activities - Please give us atleast 5 weeks notice to get your democracy event promoted via email to our local supporters and on our social media 
  • Staff support including over the phone advice, finding speakers, proofing copy, coming to your meetings;

Help us grow our network of Unlock Democracy Groups

Are you a member of Unlock Democracy? By officially affiliating you can get more support as a local group. Simply register your group with us by contacting Emily.Randall[@] in return we will provide you with a rebate for every registered Unlock Democracy member in your group (currently £7.20 per member paying the standard rate), a mailing list of registered Unlock Democracy members and you can submit motions as a group to the AGM - helping shape the direction of national campaigns.