Stay Informed


Unlock Democracy’s strength is in its membership. As a democratic organisation, we are ultimately controlled by our members who elect our governing Council.

Anyone who agrees with the purpose of Unlock Democracy (as laid out in its constitution) is encouraged to join us.

As a member, you will be entitled to:

  • a subscription to Citizen, our members’ magazine;
  • the right to participate in and establish local or issue-based groups;
  • the right to attend, vote at and propose motions to Annual General Meetings; and
  • the right to vote and stand for our governing Council.

We currently have more than 6,000 members and are growing all the time.  You are free to be as active in the organisation as you like.

You can join online, or get in contact with our Membership Officer via phone (020 7278 4443) or using this contact form, to discuss the best way for you to join. If you're a member and you've moved, or your contact details have changed, please let us know.

Disclaimer: Please note that Unlock Democracy’s Management Board has a fiduciary duty to the integrity of the Organisation and may reject any individual’s application to join the Organisation within 90 days of receipt of their application, for any reason, and with no recourse to appeal. Any individual, whose application is not rejected within this period, shall be deemed to be a member of the Organisation. In the unlikely event of this happening, your membership fee will be returned to you. For full information about joining Unlock Democracy, please see our constitution (pdf).