What can the midterms tell us about the health of American democracy?


Today, the US sees the most important set of elections since Trump’s election two years ago.

With every seat in the House and a third of the Senate up for grabs, the result will have a huge impact on the president’s ability to implement his agenda.

Some features of the US political system are very similar to the UK, most obviously the first past the post system. The influence of big money also plays a big role, though in quite different ways and on a totally different scale.

Whilst US politics remains deeply divided, there are several stories coming out of the elections that show hopeful signs for American democracy, as citizens come up with new ways to intervene in their flawed political system.

So, while poll watchers are waiting for the results, we’ve made a list of the most interesting stories that have come out of the campaigns.

Whatever the results tomorrow morning, and however flawed the US system is, Americans are engaging in their democracy in numbers not seen for some time.