Vote Match launches General Election voter advice app

Vote Match ( today launches its award-winning voter advice application in time for the 2015 general election.

Vote Match is a simple, easy to use app designed to help voters, especially first-time voters, find the party that best matches their views. The Vote Match team has worked with political scientists from LSE, market researchers and web experts at the Oxford Internet Institute to find questions on the top issues which divide political parties, from the economy to immigration and the NHS.

Vote Match features include:

  • simple agree/disagree questions on the key policies that divide the parties

  • policy positions straight from the political parties

  • key election issues for England, Scotland and Wales

  • non-directive - we won’t tell users who to vote for

  • 96% of users get a clear match to one party

  • all in under five minutes

Vote Match makes information on policy differences available to voters in a fun and accessible quiz format. Political parties have failed to make clear to the public where they stand on the key issues: according to YouGov, 62% said they did not know anything about the Liberal Democrats’ policies (41% for Labour, 28% for the Conservatives).

Alexandra Runswick, Vote Match Director, said:

“What makes Vote Match different is that it zeroes in on the issues that divide the parties, so voters can make an informed choice without having to wade through manifestos.”

“Vote Match makes it easy to find out which party matches your views on the issues that matter to you. At the last election we had over a million users. This time, we’re aiming for three million, and so we hope that new voters’ journey to the ballot box will start with Vote Match.”



  • Vote Match has been helping people find their political match since 2008. Over 1 million people used Vote Match in 2010, and half of users said it helped them make their voting decision.

  • Vote Match is managed by Unlock Democracy (, a non-partisan campaign for democratic reform and participation.

  • Vote Match is supported by LSE/Democratic Audit, the Oxford Internet Institute and MessageSpace. Vote Match partners include 38 Degrees and Telegraph Media Group.

  • Vote Match is based on StemWijzer, developed by ProDemos in the Netherlands.

Hi-res photos available on request. For interviews and further information please contact Alexandra Runswick on 020 7278 4443/07739 586 666

Twitter @votematch