ElectionLeaflets.org relaunched for General Election 2015

ElectionLeaflets.org - the only public database of UK election leaflets - has relaunched with a new mobile interface and a goal to collect 10,000 leaflets by Thursday 7th May.

The first 300 leaflets uploaded and analysed for this year show that:

  • 0% of Liberal Democrats leaflets featured or mentioned their party leader.

  • Less than a quarter of Conservatives’ leaflets featured or mentioned their party leader.

  • Green leaflets included their logo the most (97% of leaflets) and Liberal Democrats the least (59% of leaflets).

  • Labour had the highest number of mentions of other party leaders and UKIP included opposition party leaders pictures the most.

  • Green Party leaflets had the lowest use of opposition party leaders in both mentions or pictures

““ElectionLeaflets.org means everyone can take part in documenting this year’s election.

“We want people to be able to scrutinise how parties are using their leaders in leaflets, the claims they make or map where they are campaigning.

“Our database brings transparency to elections through crowdsourcing. It’s simple - all you need is a smartphone, scanner or even just a stamp.””

— Commenting on the relaunch, Emily Randall, ElectionLeaflets.org, said:

Thousands of leaflets will be published and summarised on the ElectionLeaflets.org web site, providing an invaluable source for journalists and anyone interested in what candidates are saying and where they are saying it.

Invite your readers to upload leaflets they get through their door so that we can perform more analysis over the campaign and beyond.

If you would like any more information about ElectionLeaflets.org or to feedback on how we can improve the site for journalists, please contact Emily Randall at emily.randall@democracyclub.org.uk or 07834185266



  1. Analysis is based on 270 useable leaflets uploaded between January 1st and March 21st. Full results of analysis of leaflets available at http://goo.gl/GLzZ9n

  2. Out of a recent survey of 930 Unlock Democracy supporters, 53% had received election leaflets in the last 3 months.

  3. ElectionLeaflets.org is run by volunteers with support from DemocracyClub.org.uk and UnlockDemocracy.org.uk.

  4. Election leaflets can be uploaded at ElectionLeaflets.org or posted to Election Leaflets ℅ Unlock Democracy, 37 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8PQ. Election Leaflets are working with universities to collect physical copies of leaflets.


ElectionLeaflets.org uses crowdsourcing to keep track of how politicians are trying to get votes and where they are campaigning. Since launching in 2008 over 8000 leaflets have been added to the database.

What candidates say in their election materials matters. They often make pledges and promises that could directly affect the local area, but are quickly forgotten. With leaflets still widely used to get the message across, collecting examples sent in from across the country helps hold politicians to account once elected.