ElectionLeaflets.org - Leaders not in leaflets

Following three leaders debates, ElectionLeaflets.org have analysed over 2,000 leaflets

  • Liberal Democrats leaflets mentioned their party leader and included their logo the least out of seven main parties.

  • Out of the UK wide parties Conservatives mentioned their leader the most and out of the seven main parties, SNP mentioned their leader the most.

  • The opposition leaders are pictured or mentioned the most in Conservative leaflets.

  • Graphs remain a common feature with Liberal Democrats including them the most and Labour the least out of the UK wide parties

““ElectionLeaflets.org is proving to be a vital record for this year’s election. Which leaders to include in the leaflets, whether it’s the party’s own or their opposition continues to be a dilemma for most parties. The TV debates might not directly influence the vote but the leader’s performances are clearly impacting on the door to door campaigns.

Anyone can be part of this project - all you need is a smartphone, scanner or even just a stamp.””

— Commenting on the latest analysis, Emily Randall, ElectionLeaflets.org