Leicestershire Voters Deserve a Representative Voting System.

Unlock Democracy is disappointed by the results in Leicestershire's Council Elections.

Not because they supported a particular party but because the results given by the electoral system did not reflect the will of the voters.

In Leicester City, Labour got 52 out of the 54 seats - over 95% of the seats. They didn't 95% of the votes.

Despite thousand of voters, the Conservative and Lib Dems were only given one representative each. The thousands of voters supporting other parties, such as the Greens, TUSC and UKIP were given no representatives.

There were similar problems in the County where the Lib Dems were given disproportionate seats in Oadby and Wigston, the Tories in places such as Harborough and Melton, and the Labour Party under represented in both these places.

Labour voters in the County will no doubt feel disenfranchised, as will Conservative and Liberal Democrats in the City. A more representative voting system, such as the one they use in Scottish and Irish council elections would benefit everyone

““Our voting system leaves too many of our voters unrepresented and without a voice. They allow single parties to completely dominate, making it extremely difficult to scrutinise them and hold them to account.

This is bad for governance and bad for democracy.

Reforming local elections with a more representative system is in the interests of all voters who want their council to be more responsive to them!””

— Statement from Geoff Gay, acting coordinator of Unlock Democracy Leicestershire.

Written by Unlock Democracy Leicestershire