Scotland Yard take on election expenses

Press release - for immediate release

Contact: Alexandra Runswick ( M: 07739 586 666)

Unlock Democracy are campaigning to ensure that the police investigations address the scenario of whether there have been systematic efforts to breach election spending limits. 

The deadline for police opening investigations into MPs elections expenses is this Saturday 11th June.  Over the last few weeks more and more MPs have been named in the press by several different media outlets or are now under investigation

The only way to get election expenses looked at seriously is for the Metropolitan Police to coordinate a national investigation into all expenses allegations. Today Unlock Democracy has submitted a petition, supported by over 15,000 people including Pete Wishart MP and Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell to the national police lead for elections, Assistant Chief Constable, Gareth Cann.

The full petition text:

"Rules on election expenses help protect our democracy. The police must investigate all breaches of campaign spending limits. Start a national investigation now into ALL election expenses allegations."

We believe that a national police investigation or equivalent would be the best way forward on expenses. 

Commenting on the election expenses, Alexandra Runswick, Director of Unlock Democracy, said:

"Separate investigations can be buried, lead to inconsistent results or be ignored. A national investigation means, all election expenses can be scrutinised. As with the 2009 MP’s expenses scandal, we are faced again with the ‘everyone does it’ rhetoric! Buying elections is not a status quo anyone should want to keep. Money will continue to rule in politics - if we don’t investigate and act."



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