It's Brexit: now let's take control of democracy at home

Press release - for immediate release

Statement from Unlock Democracy

Contact: Alexandra Runswick ( T: 020 7239 9051 M: 07739 586 666)

Commenting on the EU referendum result, Alexandra Runswick, Director of Unlock Democracy, said:

“The referendum campaign showed British politics at its worst. Both campaigns have relied on misinformation to paint increasingly apocalyptic images of a post-referendum Britain. The UK is more divided than ever, with England and Wales backing Brexit while Scotland and Northern Ireland opted for Remain. Politicians on both sides must now work together to rebuild public trust in our political system.

The most positive aspect of the campaign is that people have started talking frankly about how our democracy works. The Leave campaign put power and accountability at the core of the referendum campaign. The simple message to “Take Control” clearly resonated with people who feel they don’t have a voice in our society.

The vote to Leave the EU will send shockwaves through our political system. The biggest challenge will be building a new relationship with Europe, but we now have a once in a generation opportunity to rethink how democracy works here in the UK. There’s no shortage of unelected, unaccountable politicians in Westminster. It's time to take control of democracy at home!”



Unlock Democracy is a grassroots campaign for fair politics, accountable government and citizen engagement.