Unlock Democracy welcomes high court Brexit ruling

Welcoming the divisional court’s judgement, Director of Unlock Democracy Alexandra Runswick said:

“The government’s position that it could run roughshod over parliamentary sovereignty by invoking the dictatorial powers of Henry VIII always was untenable in the 21st century.  The correct course of action now would be for Theresa May to accept this judgement and move on to holding a full and open debate in the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity.

“We acknowledge that there is a disparity between the views of MPs and the public, but without a proportional voting system, the only course of action is to trust MPs to take the views of their constituents into consideration when deciding how to vote. No doubt MPs are acutely aware that they are ultimately accountable to their constituents, who will be given the final say.

“What is clearly unacceptable is for the Brexit process to continue as it has been over the past few months with virtually no parliamentary or public scrutiny. The government needs to open up, both in terms of their own preparations and which special interests have been lobbying them on this issue behind closed doors.”

Unlock Democracy has been organising a petition demanding that government gives parliament a say in the Brexit negotiations. So far, over 9,000 people have signed it.