Unlock Democracy responds to the Supreme Court's decision on Article 50

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to trigger Article 50 must be authorised by parliament.

Unlock Democracy’s Director, Alexandra Runswick, commented:

“The Supreme Court’s judgement today and its respect of parliamentary sovereignty should be welcomed. However, our democracy will continue to hang in a delicate balance so long as we have an ill-defined royal prerogative with no clear limits, coupled with a government that believes it can act unilaterally without scrutiny or accountability.

“If the Prime Minister wants to realise her vision of a global Britain that is truly stronger and fairer, we must have a written constitution that is fit for a modern democracy; one that is devised by and for the people. We urgently need clarity on the rights and freedoms of people, the limits of parliament and constraints on ministerial power, and a clear settlement on devolution. The case for a written constitution has never been stronger, and the time for a written constitution is now.”


Notes to Editors:

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  • Unlock Democracy is a national campaign for democratic reform.

  • For a decade, the organisation has been campaigning to put power into the hands of the people, and before that, as Charter 88, we've been calling for a written constitution and electoral reform since 1988.

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  • Read more about our work on the case for a written constitution here: http://www.unlockdemocracy.org/constitutional-convention/

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