Unlock Democracy reacts to article 50 being triggered

Today (Tuesday 29 March 2017) the Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger article 50. In response, Unlock Democracy's Director, Alexandra Runswick, said: 

“Democracy is a process, not an event, and the triggering of article 50 should mark the beginning of an inclusive conversation about what we want the future of our country to look like, not the end.  

“Public deliberation is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy. It is therefore alarming that the government has taken the referendum as a blank cheque to pursue its own establishment agenda. Far from taking back control and giving it to the people, the government is instead empowering itself.

“The binary question on the ballot paper has been interpreted as giving an answer to many issues the public simply did not vote on. We now step into the void with little more than the government's word that there will be answers to questions like what will become of the devolution settlement, how will Parliament be meaningfully involved, and what role will the people play in shaping the future of the UK.

“The Prime Minister has been explicit: this is an opportunity for great ‘national change’ where we need to ‘step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.’ If Theresa May is serious about building a stronger, fairer, more global Britain, the process of a deliberative, transparent, and engaging Brexit must start here and now."


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