Queen's Speech response: The Withdrawal Bill threatens to rewrite our laws behind closed doors

Today (21 June 2017) the government put forward it's legislative agenda for the next two years in the Queen's Speech.

Responding to the speech, Unlock Democracy's Director Alexandra Runswick, said:

"As expected, the Queen’s Speech put forward the government’s proposals for the Repeal Bill. This is one of the most broad and constitutionally significant bills to go through Parliament in a generation. It will hand significant powers to ministers on an unprecedented scale and the public should be concerned that at the moment the appropriate checks and balances are simply not in place. There is a very real threat that these powers could be used to substantially rewrite our laws behind closed doors.

“To avoid this, the bill must not be rushed through. The government must commit to only holding a second reading after the summer recess, and the bill should not be laid before the House of Commons until the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee has had time to consider and report on it.

“We welcome the Government’s commitment to seek the widest possible consensus on our country’s future outside of the EU. A starting point is to make sure that ministers cannot wield powers granted by the Repeal Bill to satisfy their hobby horses and slash the rules and regulations they personally do not favor, without any consultation with Parliament or the public.”