Voter ID is a "heavy-handed and costly solution to a phantom problem"

Unlock Democracy has joined forces with charities and civil society groups to issue a warning about the UK government’s proposed mandatory voter ID scheme.

The Electoral Reform Society’s press release highlights that the coalition is “calling for ministers to drop the plans which risks excluding ‘millions on the margins’”. The organisation’s briefing on the 2019 voter ID pilots points to the voter ID pilot having an ‘unequal impact’ on marginalised groups.

Alexandra Runswick, Director of Unlock Democracy, said:

“Participating in our democracy through voting is a right not a privilege, and placing undue and unjustified restrictions on that right is an abuse of power. Instead of dealing with the national democratic crisis in front of their faces, the government is choosing to push ahead with this heavy-handed and costly solution to a phantom problem. This policy will very likely disenfranchise some of the most marginalised communities, and this attack on the public engagement in democracy through voting should not go ahead.”

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Sarah ClarkeComment