AGM 2018: Campaigning for a constituent assembly

Campaigning for a constituent assembly

Proposer: David Bracknell 

Seconder:  –

This meeting notes:

  1. The political constitution of the United Kingdom is scattered across many historic acts and conventions, and is difficult to know for the average British voter. This is a risk to democracy.

  2. Britain currently faces may political disputes that are fundamentally constitutional in nature, such as the power of parliament to decide on trade agreements and military interventions.

  3. Britain also inherits many unresolved constitutional quandaries, such as the status of Northern Ireland, the status of British Overseas Territories and their citizens, the composition of the Upper House of Parliament, the legal establishment of the Church of England, and many others.

  4. Every electoral issue is ultimately a constitutional issue.

  5. This meeting believes:

  1. That Unlock Democracy should become a single-issue NGO, exclusively committed to leading a popular campaign to establish a national constituent assembly for the creation of a British codified constitution.

  2. That Unlock Democracy should abandon all other campaigns besides that for a constituent assembly, and beside those referring to the constitutional laws that might be passed by such an assembly, if only to strengthen the point that it is constitutional change that is necessary.

  3. That Unlock Democracy should publicly promote any proposal for a British codified constitution that meets good democratic standards and publicly oppose any proposal that lacks democratic standards, while taking account of the views of NGOs like Freedom House, or the Economist’s Democracy Index, and institutions like the Council of Europe, and the OECD, etc.

This meeting resolves:

  1. To use conventional popular campaign tactics, such as adopting easily recognisable symbols, colours, and mottos, joining demonstrations, speaking at public events, and contributing to print and broadcast news debates, to raise the greatest possible awareness of, and controversy for, the cause.

  2. To invest further in drives to increase the membership of Unlock Democracy, and to make membership expansion the secondary aim of every campaign and initiative.

  3. To consider renaming the organization to suit this singleness of purpose, to something like “Constitution”, or “Charter”, or “Covenant”, and asks the Council to present options to the next AGM.