AGM 2018: Elections Rule Changes

Elections Rule Changes

Proposer: Rachel Collinson

Seconder: Peter Hirst

Following the 2018 Council Elections, the Returning Officer reported to Council on the process. This report recommended a full review of Unlock Democracy’s internal election procedures, and identified several short-term changes which can be made to improve our internal democracy. The wider review will be conducted over the next year, with this constitutional amendment implementing the lesser changes.

This meeting notes:

  1. That our current election rules do not say how long the nomination period should be in our Council elections;

  2. That allowing more time for the return of ballots by post would encourage maximum participation in elections;

  3. That permitting members to vote electronically would minimise costs and further increase participation;

This meeting resolves:

  1. To amend the first sentence of Appendix B, 2.1 to read "All members shall be notified of the opening of nominations at least 28 days in advance." 

  2. To amend the first sentence of Appendix B, 2.5 to read: "Voting papers, a copy of the candidates' election statements, a method by which the member can submit their vote without cost, and notification of the close of poll shall be sent to all members within 21 days of the close of nominations, which will be 14 days after the opening of nominations."

  3. To amend Appendix B, 2.6 to read "The date for close of poll shall be set no less than 21 days after the voting papers have been sent to all members."