Danny Zinkus Sutton

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Co-Chair Council

I am Danny Zinkus Sutton. I am seeking re-election to Unlock Democracy’s Council and the Rodell Board. I live in Edinburgh. For the last two years I have served as Unlock Democracy’s Co-Chair along with Jack Maizels. I’ve been on Council for 6 years, serving on Management Board and the board of Rodell.

I am a qualified accountant with nearly two decades of experience managing the financial affairs of private, public and third sector organisations.

Over the last two years I’ve worked with my Co-Chair Jack Maizels, Council and the UD staff team to improve UD in three important ways; building the political will for constitutional change, strengthening our campaigns and strengthening our organisation.

UD has been busy working on the democratic issues raised by the Brexit process. We’ve engaged with politicians, the media and other campaigning organisations. It’s work that puts us at the heart of the current political debate but I want us to be ready to campaign directly on our core issue, a new constitution.

Over the last two years we’ve improved the financial position of Rodell with the refurbishment and re-letting of Cynthia Street generating more income and putting UD on a sound financial footing for the future. We’ve put time and effort and resource in to improving how the organisation is run and several new members of the staff team have joined. We’ve used our work on the Great Repeal Bill to raise our media profile and to create links with other campaigning groups. UD is a stronger organisation today and will be stronger in the future.

UD has been working on our campaigning. We’ve developed a campaigning Theory of Change, our tool kit for winning our campaigns. We’ve been trialling new, more vibrant, more radical campaign techniques and finding ways to link our failed constitution to the real problems that people face in the daily lives and I’m excited about being able to use them in the run up to the 2021 general election.

Most importantly we’ve been planning for a campaign for a new constitution. After the Brexit process has ended I hope to lead our organisation in a full on campaign for a new UK constitution. I want to use our improved resources and improved campaigning ability to build the political will for a new UK constitution developed using a popular, deliberative and consultative process that will deliver a fairer, more democratic Britain and address the power imbalances that lead to so many of the problems we see in our country. Over the coming years I want our Members to be more and more directly involved in our campaigns. I want us to be able to articulate our demand for a fairer more democratic Britain in a way that resonates with our fellow citizens.

Over the coming years this is my focus – the campaign for a new, written constitution for the United Kingdom.

If re-elected to Council I will stand again for the position of Co-Chair with Jack Maizels but I am ready to serve UD in whatever capacity I can. I hope you, the Members of Unlock Democracy, will continue to trust me with your organisation and I look forward to being a part of the future of UD as we campaign for a new politics in the United Kingdom.


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