Ian Driver

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I believe in a fairer voting system, the reduction of the voting age to 16, the abolition of the House of Lords and its replacement with a democratically elected second chamber, a written constitution. I also believe that our public services including local, regional and national government should be much more transparent and accountable and that there should more public consultation and involvement in decision making.

I am excited by the democratic possibilities of social media and new communication technologies. As a society we should be investing in these tools to develop a non-London-centric, modern, virtual and real-world democracy with increased transparency and accountability and greater opportunities for citizen participation in decision making.

Political Background. I am not a member of any political party. Previously, I was a member of the Green Party and was the Party’s Parliamentary candidate in the South Thanet constituency in 2015. I was a Thanet councillor until 2015. Before that I was a Labour Party member, a councillor in Southwark in the 1990s and a trade union activist and member of my union’s NUPE (now UNISON) National Executive. Campaigning.

I am an experienced community campaigner who has been involved in a social justice, animal welfare, environmental and anti-fracking campaigns. I have actively promoted democratic accountability including –

• Campaigning for public’s right to film council meetings.

• Campaigning to defend and strengthen the Freedom of Information Act

• Campaigning against undemocratic “Cabinet” system of governance in local councils

• Campaigning for abolition of County councils and devolution of powers to more localised unitary authorities.

I am an active blogger focusing on local and sometimes national politics. Here’s the link http://iandriverthanet.blogspot.com/ . I also have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ian.driver.7 and my Twitter is @IanDDriver Contact E-mail ianddriver@yahoo.co.uk.


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