Jack Maizels

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Co-Chair Council

Over the past two years, I’ve served as co-Chair of Unlock Democracy’s Council. I’ve worked closely with my counterpart Danny-Zinkus Sutton to support the organisation’s Director Alex Runswick during a period of significant progress, which has included:

• Recruiting new, talented people to our staff team and making the most of the ideas and energy that they’ve bought with them

• Securing grant funding, raising our media profile and building links with other organisations though our role as co-ordinators of the Repeal Bill Alliance

• Enhancing how we run the organisation, including how we approach fundraising and manage our relationship with our members

I’ve also served on and chaired our Management Board, pushed initiatives forward through staff-Council working groups and served on Council since 2012, before which I worked for Unlock Democracy. My day job is in developing planning policy, which lets me see another side of local politics.


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