John Ferguson

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I started my political life in one of Unlock Democracy’s predecessor organisations. Today, 47 years later, I find myself a cabinet member on Salford City Council.

Throughout my political journey I have been constant in my belief that ordinary people should have a say in how they are governed.

The sad fact is that far too many people are alienated from the political process.

● They don’t understand how it operates.

● They don’t feel that their vote matters.

● And in many cases they don’t have any affinity with the people who claim to represent them.

This results in fewer and fewer people bothering to vote. In the recent local elections in my area, the turnout in some polling districts was as low as 7%.

This isn’t good enough.

While I speak as a Labour Councillor, this is a problem that affects Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens alike. Indeed, it affects members of all political parties and none.

Our current electoral systems are failing the test of time and need to change.

Unlock Democracy can play an important role in bringing about these changes. By broadening its appeal it can start to develop roots amongst much wider sections of the community.


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