John Franglen


I’ve been interested in democratic reform for many years, but my first involvement with the cause was working for the AV campaign. Whilst the result wasn’t what we wanted, it taught me it was a long process, not something we’d stumble into. (Though we did win in the constituencies where I worked!)

After a few months volunteering, I spent four and a half years as Unlock Democracy’s Membership Officer, so I’ve a lot of familiarity with member’s priorities, and what the organisation stands for.

Life took me away from working for UD, but I’ve realised I still really care about the cause, and want to be part of making that happen, so I’m standing for Council.

I spent years being the main point of contact between members and the office, and being heavily involved in the organisation of the AGM, so I’m used to being a conduit for the members views — and that would be a key part of my role as a Council member.

I’ve spent the last two years working for a medical research charity, so I’ve seen a lot of different approaches to fundraising, supporter engagement, and the involvement of technology in that (including the practicalities of GDPR).

For that time, I’ve not been so involved in UD, but I’ve realised it’s still a cause that’s very important to me, and I think my combination of involvement in the organisation, and with an outside cause has given me a useful perspective to feed into Council discussions.


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