Malcolm MacIntyrn-Read

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I believe the campaign to achieve Proportional Representation is the first, essential step to remove the destructive, self-interested grip of Tribal Politics … of all persuasions … from the throat of our democracy.

This will allow our concerns to be heard much louder and hopefully ensure that it is “the common good” which will be established as THE priority for all policies - local and national. But if that principle is to be confirmed, applied and remain actively democratic, it will need a broader participation in political processes than has been the case in recent decades.

My degree is in design, a discipline that taught me to observe, assess and innovate. Those skills proved both relevant and effective throughout my professional life. That was helped by today’s oh so necessary sense of humour, and learning from people whose ideas were different to my own.

Over many years of my professional life, I lived and/or worked in a number of countries across three continents. These included some police states, experiences which have led to another concern I now have about Britain’s, and our children's and grand children's futures.

My main professional responsibilities were to manage national and international NFP membership organisations. One of them encompassed 23 European nations, while all the organisations supported the professional development of essential creative abilities in a variety of fields.

I have also had a longtime interest in international political history … largely examining what went wrong, the disasters that caused, and how they were ignored, overcome or reshaped. As happened in Britain 952 years ago. Since 1066 we have lived under the top-down, do-as-you-are-told politics of the Normans … and my wife is a born and bread Norman!

Before them, we had the participatory system introduced by the Celts, Angles and Vikings. The breadth and inclusiveness of their considerations showed that we have previously benefited from ideas from elsewhere … despite some of their tendencies towards other, more bloodcurdling practices! And recently available Royal correspondence has shown that the participation of ordinary British citizens in political processes was the aim of King George III … 1738/1820. A pity it wasn’t followed up by his son … but he was better known for his activities as Prince Regent!

Today, we have widely applied and proven methods to encourage local discussions, consideration of different opinions, identification of common interests, and how to reach agreement on what each constituency believes is the most important for each major policy, and collectively for the overall common good. Its introduction might also encourage those who cannot be “arsed” with today’s politics (understandably, in my opinion) to either participate or stop complaining. My identification for this totality is ‘ConDem’ … Constituency Democracy … along with the end of tribal politics.

Those constituency preferences would mandate Councillors and MPs for each of them to seek out others, at local and national levels, with similar mandates. They could then follow similar processes of discussion, consideration and assessment, to eventually reach, and apply a majority agreement.

Slow politics, perhaps, but somewhat more considered and positive than today’s scared, powerseeking/keeping, knee-jerk reactions. It might even lead to Ministers and government’s being held more directly to account for failing to ensure that ‘the common good’ is supported in all possible ways, such as the payment of taxes, public services accountable to the public, and ensuring fair and legal processes … with no future cover-ups and apologies for Windrush, torture, etc.

I am sure that we would all like to leave a legacy of hope for our coming generations. Aiming for, and attempting what COULD be achieved, to encourage positive change, is so much stronger than just worrying about what the hell will appear around the next corner!

I hope you might agree to help me achieve at least some of it, to start a move forward towards the common good, under the experienced guidance of Unlock Democracy.


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