Rachel Collinson

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Hello. Thank you for voting me on to the Council of Unlock Democracy in 2016.

I still work as a fundraising and campaigning consultant, helping charities (from tiny organisations like Grandparents Plus to massive operations like Amnesty International) get the global changes they want to see.

I continue to stand for UK political bodies, again in the local elections this year. I played a part in helping the Green Party achieve their best ever local election results. This experience gives me a unique insight into the democratic process from inside and outside the system.

As promised, I have helped Unlock Democracy to make steps towards a new approach to organising in a world of breakneck- fast change. This included using Lean and Agile methods to help respond quickly to new political developments, while rapidly learning what is effective and dropping activities that waste time and money.

I have led on implementing a new way of measuring the success of Unlock Democracy’s campaigns. Diversity of Council membership is now a key aim.

I hope you are proud of the work that Unlock Democracy have been doing in the past two years. Our work leading the nonprofit coalition who are lobbying on the Repeal Bill has led to real change. While I can only claim credit for a tiny part of this work, I have made it a priority to support and encourage Alex Runswick, our executive director, and all our staff. We can only win campaigns if staff morale is high.

While we haven’t got everything we wanted… yet… the Bill is more democratic than it would have been without Unlock Democracy’s intervention. As a side benefit, our profile has been raised considerably.

I have joined the Council’s fundraising working group. I see this as Unlock Democracy’s biggest challenge over the next two years. My target is to help rebuild our membership base and increase our income so that we can do more to fix the UK’s clearly broken democratic system.


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