To end the political crisis we need a new constitution.


Demand democracy

A democratic society is within our imagination, but we won’t get it unless we demand it.

“We demand a democratic society, where power is exercised by and closest to the people, and where those who exercise power are accountable to the people.

We demand a citizens’ convention, that will bring together the people of the UK to decide together what kind of society we want now, and what political system we need to respond to the existential threats that we must face collectively.

We demand a new constitution that is built and owned by the people, which safeguards our democracy from the overreach of powerful governments.

We will work together to build a new democratic settlement.”

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Add your name to demand democracy.

We’re challenging the status quo, and that means taking well-funded opponents of change. Help power our moment by donating to Unlock Democracy today. Every pound will make a difference to challenging threats to our democracy, and campaigning for the new system we urgently need.


We’re demanding democracy.

Let’s build a new constitution together that creates and protects a democratic society.

Will you join us?

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