Briefing: The EU (Withdrawal) Bill

The first significant piece of Brexit legislation coming in Autumn 2017 is the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - initially called the 'Great Repeal Bill' by the government. 

This proposed law would do three broad jobs:

1.      Repeal the European Communities Act 1972, which sets out our relationship with the EU and allows UK laws to be updated in line with EU rules.

2.      Copy and paste, or convert, the existing body of EU law into UK law and amend it so it “functions sensibly,” so that there isn’t a sudden legal vacuum on the day after Brexit is complete.

3.      Implement the final deal we come to with the EU.

The bill may seem technical from the outside. You may have heard the media and politicians alike talking about issues you may not have come across before - like ‘Henry VIII powers’, ‘delegated legislation’ and ‘statutory instruments’.

Unlock Democracy is here to help you get a better understanding of what’s in the bill, and why you should care about it. This briefing sets out some of the most important parts of the bill, highlighting some things we think you should be concerned about and the solutions we’re proposing.