Briefing: EU (Withdrawal) Bill - ping pong

Unlock Democracy’s main concerns about the EU (Withdrawal) Bill as it heads to ping pong:

●       Parliamentary sovereignty - Parliament must have a meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement. (HoL amendments 49 and 51)

●       Parliamentary scrutiny and democratic accountability - The power to make, shape and scrutinise laws should sit first and foremost with Parliament, not the government. The delegated powers in the bill needs to be limited and subjected to greater scrutiny. (HoL amendments 31, 53 and 70)

●       Preserving existing rights, standards, and institutions - ministers should not be granted powers to make changes to rights and standards without Parliament having a say. (HoL amendments 11 and 26)

●       Respecting the devolution settlements - the bill threatens to undermine hard won devolution settlements by centralising power in Westminster. (HoL amendment 88)