Council Minutes - 4 July 2015

Present:  Vicky Seddon (Chair), Stephen Carter, Alan Debenham, Peter Hirst, James Grindrod, Danny Zinkus Sutton, Phil Davis, Mary Southcott, Phil Starr, 

Apologies: Andrew Blick, Jack Maizels, Finola Kelly, Avtar Singh

In Attendance: Alexandra Runswick (Director), John Franglen, Pete Mills, Emily Randall


The minutes of the previous meeting on 22 February 2015 were approved as an accurate record.



 AR spoke to the updated budget which had been circulated in advance.

The budget was approved.

 AR reminded Council that the AGM had delegated the decision on the appointment of the new auditors to Council.  AR referred to the paper which had been circulated and explained the recruitment process that had been run by the staff team and approved by Management Board.

It was agreed to appoint Berley Chartered Accountants as Unlock Democracy’s accountants. 


Membership of Council

Chair reported that Owais Rajput’s absence from this meeting meant that, given his previous poor attendance record, his membership of Council should be deemed terminated, according to the rules. However, she argued that given that the date hadbeen changed and that he had already made plans not to be in the country today, that the termination should not proceed; but that any further non-attendance would immediately trigger his loss of membership of Council.

This was agreed by Council


Dates of future meetings

The dates of future meetings were agreed, the next being 12 September 2015   It was further agreed that AR would send these to ERS to avoid any clashes.

The business part of the meeting was then closed and the strategy meeting, which was not minuted took place.