Effective Publicity Emails

People receive numerous emails each day. To avoid your email being deleted or marked as spam, it is important that you give your email a clear subject heading. It is equally important to get the tone and format right in order to look as polished and professional as possible. This way you are more likely to get a positive response.

Your email should be free from any spelling or grammatical errors. So don’t forget to use a spell-checker. How about getting a fellow group member to proofread your message for you before you press send.


Keep the tone of your email polite and friendly, but keep it fairly formal. Avoid using slang, over-familiarity or anything that could be deemed as aggressive, rude or offensive.

If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, then address them as ‘Dear Friend’ rather than ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Remember to thank the reader for their time and welcome and invite them to get involved with the campaign. At the end of your message use a polite sign off such as, ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Kind regards’.

After you have signed your name and position (e.g. ‘group chair’), make sure you include your contact details so that anyone who has any questions can get in touch with you. However, you should not supply any details you are uncomfortable giving out, such as your home address.  


Make sure your sentences are short and easy to read. If you have a list of things to mention, use bullet points. Bullet points are useful because they are:

  • easy to read

  • much neater; and  

  • they stop you repeating yourself!

You may also find it useful to use sub-headings to make sure you keep each issue separate. 

If you are promoting an event, the event details section should be bold, eye catching and easy to read. The reader should be able to find the information they are looking for at a glance. Putting key words in bold helps to draw the reader’s eye and focus their attention.

We have provided some template emails as examples to give you an idea of the appropriate format for your Unlock Democracy Group emails