Model First Meeting Agenda


Who’s here: Are you a local group co-ordinators, supporters of  Electoral Reform Society, or Unlock Democracy? Or here on your own steam?

Making the agenda

What would people like to add to the agenda

Organising ourselves

  • What are we here for?  

  • What do we want to achieve as a group?

  • Who wants to be a point of contact?

  • Roles and responsibilities?

  • What should we call ourselves?

Proposal: ‘mission statement/purpose’:

Example Unlock Democracy [insert town name] or [insert town name] is a cross-party,independent activists and pressure group network campaigning for a better and fairer democracy.

Projects, campaigns actions and events

  • What projects would we like to be working on?

  • What campaigns would we like to be working on i.e. Lords Reform, Lobbying, Party Funding, Counting Women in, Individual Electoral Register, Media Reform?

  • What is happening in the summer that can help us have the biggest impact?

  • What should be our focus?

Date of next meeting