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Dear Friend,

You are invited to join fellow supporters of democratic reform for a lively evening of discussion about campaigning for better democracy at our [insert regional group name] General Meeting. Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or you have just have an interest in finding out more about democratic reform - everyone is welcome!

Event title: Unlock Democracy Trumpton Local Group meeting

Date - Time


Register here: [insert link]

We will start with a short introduction to the group and move on to discuss current issues and ideas for local action. [We will be joined by [insert guest speaker] from organisation who will be talking about XYZ].  

This month the key issues we hope to discuss are:

[Insert key issues briefly in easy to read bullet points so that the reader can follow them at a glance]  

[Remember to keep issue separate]

However much time you have to give, your input means a lot to us. So we welcome you to bring your ideas, comments and questions to help us shape the agenda and drive forward the campaign for democratic reform.

We regularly [run stalls at X location] and meet on [insert dates e.g. the third Monday of every month]. Join us in making [insert city] a more democratic place!

We look forward to meeting you!   

Best wishes,

[Insert your name]

[You position e.g. Chair of Unlock Democracy Trumpton]

For more information contact:

[Insert Contact Name]: 070 0000 0000


www.unlockdemocracy.org.uk  P.S. You have been contacted because you are subscribed to the Unlock Democracy mailing list.