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Dear Friend,

You are invited to join members of the public and fellow supporters of democratic reform at a public meeting to discuss [purpose of meeting] in [City/Area]. Please join us for

[insert title of meeting i.e. Open Up Lobbying Manchester]

Public Meeting with [insert name of speaker i.e. John Smith MP]

[time] at [date]


Full details and a map available here: [insert link]

Register Here: [insert link]

Joining [insert speaker name] on the panel will be [insert name of speakers]. They’ll be debating the [issue] so you can learn more about what is happening in parliament, and listening to your views. [a line on why this is an important issue to the group]. Please help us open up politics by coming along on [day] Better yet, please bring along a couple of your friends and colleagues.

However much time you have to give, your input means a lot to us. So we welcome you to bring your ideas, comments and questions to help us shape the agenda and drive forward the campaign for democratic reform.

Join us on [date/time] at [venue] for an informative evening of discussion and debate.

We look forward to meeting you!   

Best Wishes,

[Your name]

[Your title e.g. Unlock Democracy ManchesterSecretary]

For more information contact:

[Insert Contact Name]: 000 0000 0000



You have been contacted because you are subscribed to the Unlock Democracy mailing list.

p.s. We also meet on [gives dates e.g. third Monday of every month]. Join us in making [insert city] a more democratic place!