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Deliberating on the EU

In the lead up to the Referendum Unlock Democracy ran a series of deliberative events in association with Talkshop to help people make their mind up about how to vote. In this report we talk about our experience of running the workshops and present our findings. We also consider what we can learn from the recent referendum and how we can hold better referendums.

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Holyrood Exposed: A Guide to Lobbying in Scotland

We have produced a Guide to Lobbying in Scotland. It takes you on a walking tour of some of Edinburgh's commercial lobbying agencies; corporate in-house lobbying teams; industry bodies, think tanks; law firms; management consultants and charities, all of whom are trying to influence government decisions.

It asks that the Scottish government introduce a decent register of lobbyists.

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What the Voters Saw: Voter Experience of the 2015 General Election

What does a general election look like from the point of view of the voters? Media attention tends to focus on the content of political parties’ messaging, and research tends to focus on its impact on turnout and voter behaviour. Unlock Democracy set out to examine something altogether different: we wanted to examine the levels of engagement, and how and where voters gained their information, as well as comparing local and national campaigning methods as perceived by voters. 

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