Our Theory Of Change


In 2016, Unlock Democracy developed a new Theory of Change. This sets out our long term goals and how we're going to work to achieve them.

Where we are now

Unlock Democracy believes politics must work for everyone because currently the rules of democracy aren’t fair

  • The government is too powerful because we don’t have a written constitution that sets out what they can and can’t do

  • Big money gives the powerful an inside track to decision making

  • An outdated voting system means politicians don’t represent us

  • Politicians are unwilling to make desperately needed democratic reforms

And it is those who don’t ‘do’ politics who end up bearing the brunt of political decision-making. This can and must change. 

Together we will ensure that democracy works for everyone.


Who does Unlock Democracy support and how?

Unlock Democracy’s main focus is in ensuring that the most marginalised and disengaged people, often left behind by politics, have a voice. We support people who use the democratic process to make change happen.

We bring people together in an inclusive, supportive and inspiring movement for political reform, developing people’s skills, knowledge & confidence in order to build power and win significant political change.


Our strengths 

We are independent – allowing us to take risks and speak out as the situation demands. We have a track record of making change happen over the long term.

Our policy knowledge underpins all we do. We practice what we preach. Our Council
Members (who set our direction) are directly elected. Our engaged, knowledgeable and passionate supporters give us our strength. Join us.


Where we want to get to

Democracy must work for everyone. This means ending the unfair balance where some people have power and access and others can’t even take part. We want a codified constitution, shaped and ultimately owned by public, that defines our relationship with government and limits its powers. We want a voting system that better represents the actual votes cast. Together we can build a fairer, better democracy.


Be a part of the UK’s movement for democratic change


 New Politics Rules

To fix politics, we need a democratic revolution.

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