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Unlock Democracy are expanding our team to build a better politics. We are a small and creative team that thrives on collaborative working, seeking out new ideas, and experimentation. What brings us together is a genuine commitment to making change. We know we’ve got a big challenge on our hands but we’re all passionate about overhauling British democracy - because the status quo just isn’t working.

Current Vacancies


Digital Communications Coordinator

The Digital Communications Coordinator will join a growing Campaign Team that has big ambitions to mobilise the next generation of activists to challenge the political establishment and build a better democracy.

We want to revamp and expand our social and digital media presence to recruit a young and diverse activist base, and the Digital Communications Coordinator will lead on this. They will develop our existing social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to attract younger and more diverse audiences. They will also lead on expanding our offering on other digital platforms, such as podcasting or Youtube, to raise the profile of the campaign and draw in new activists.

randy-colas-629191-unsplash_gradient map.jpg