Our Campaigns

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We’re campaigning to fundamentally change how the UK does politics, and fighting off threats to our democracy.


 New Politics Rules

To fix politics, we need a democratic revolution.

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Follow The Money

Our politics needs to run on one person, one vote.
Not one pound, one vote.


Our Campaign Wins


We won our campaign for tough new rules for lobbying in Scotland.

It goes much further than Westminster’s bogus lobbying register. Virtually all lobbyists have to register, disclose who they are talking to and what about.


We showed the Met Police they couldn’t get away with stalling their Vote Leave investigation.

We teamed up with investigative journalists and politicians to pile on the pressure. The Met now insist the investigation is underway.  


We saw off attempts to rig party funding in favour of the Conservatives.

Changes to funding rules would have meant draconian a crackdown on trade union donations, with millionaires left free to carry on funding their favoured politicians.

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Help Us Win

They have the money, but we have the numbers. Help us power the democratic revolution.